Water Treatment, Filtration and Purification Services

WA Sherman Company provides all the professional water treatment services you need in order to make sure your water is filtered and safe for use anytime and anywhere. We work with residential and small commercial locations to test and purify your water to levels that are safe for your family and customers. What do we work with?

Acid Neutralizers

If you have noticed green or blue stains at the bottom of your drains, you may have acidic (low pH) water levels. The easiest and cheapest way to make sure the pH levels of your water is safe for use is to install an acid neutralizer. This will keep water neutral and improve the life span of all your pipes and prevent leaks.

Water Treatment and Purification Services


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Water Softeners

Water is considered “hard” when it contains a high level of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals can precipitate into your pipes and appliances, clogging and eventually breaking them. In addition, they can react poorly with soaps, detergents and cleaners, leaving residue and stains after you clean. Installing a water softener can filter out these minerals and improve your water.


Chlorinators are another way to remove bacteria and viruses from your water. They are also able to remove bad odors (from sulfur) and oxidize minerals to soften water. The most common method is to inject a small amount of liquid chlorine bleach via chlorine pump. It can then be filtered out via carbon backwash filter prior to use.

UV Lights

Ultraviolet (UV) lights have the amazing ability to kill 99% of bacteria and microorganisms residing in your water supply – all without any additional chemicals. This is one of the safest, cleanest and most effective methods of making sure your water is bacteria free. We can test, repair, replace or install a new UV water purification system for your home or business.

Iron Removal

If your water taste’s and smells a bit like coppery or rusty, you may have an iron problem. Another whole house water filter option is the use of iron removal filters. These filters provide a chemical-free way to remove iron as well as minerals. This improves your water’s taste and odor and purifies it of rust and dirt.

Whole House Water Filtration Installation

If you do not currently use a water filtration system, we work with the top brands in water purification, like Maytag and Water-Right, to make sure your water is pure and clean. We can install or repair a whole house water filtration system at your residential or commercial location. Whether it’s acid neutralizers, chlorinators, iron filters, UV system, water softeners, or other water purification systems, just give us a call and we would be glad to speak to you about your needs.

Water treatemnt, Filtration, and Purification Services