WA Sherman specializes in all plumbing installations and repair services for residential and commercial properties. If you have any problems with your water supply or sewage system, please give us a call and we’ll have a licensed plumber visit your location and identify the problem.

Plumbing Repair

W.A. Sherman Plumbing Services

WA Sherman has been working in the plumbing repair industry for almost a century and we take pride in our services. Our Virginia certified plumbers will make sure all of your fixtures and plumbing is up to code and will pass inspection. We have worked on and can help you with:

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Water Heating Problems

There are a number of issues that may be preventing your water from heating up. Whether it is a broken or damaged water boiler or a leak in your plumbing, we can identify the problem and offer our services to restore hot water to your residence.

Sewage Backups

Try this – turn on your kitchen sink faucet all the way and check to see if your sink would eventually overflow. If yes, you may have a drainage problem. This can be caused by an obstruction or bad plug. Have it fixed before it causes additional problems.

Low Water Pressure

If the water is barely flowing from your faucets and toilet struggles to flush, you may have a water pressure issue. Let us help identify the cause – which is usually caused by a pipe obstruction – and restore your pressure.

Clogs, Noise, Leaks, Etc.

If you plumbing clogs often, pipes are noisy or leaky, or feel that there are any other plumbing issues, feel free to give us a call and explain. We’d be glad to hear you out and suggest the best course of action!

Plumbing Installation

WA Sherman also offers plumbing installations and replacements for your bath, kitchen, septic system and water supply. We work with the highest quality bath and plumbing manufactures to make sure that all of our work lasts longer with less maintenance.

Plumbing Manufacturers used by W.A. Sherman Company

If your property’s water supply is experiencing problems and is pumped in through a septic tank, our services can help! We diagnose, repair, replace and install septic systems for both residential and commercial locations. We can install the latest Well-Rite tanks, American heaters and Rheem water heaters. Call us for more info.

If you are having problem with your plumbing fixtures and appliances, we can diagnose and fix or replace them for you with out services. We can help you install or replace:

  • Kitchen Faucets and Sinks
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Bathroom, Tub and Shower Faucets
  • Tubs and Showers
  • Toilets
  • And others… just ask!

Plumbing Manufacturers used by W.A.Sherman CompanySo if you are in need of any plumbing services in the Orange area, call WA Sherman Company. We’ll help you diagnose your plumbing worries and help get everything flowing smoothly again!