Square DWA Sherman Company of Central and Orange Virginia offers electrical and cabling services for residential homes. If you have a problem with or need additional electrical, networking or telephone wires installed, our services can help.

In the 21st century, it seems everything we use is run by electricity and cables. Lights, refrigerators, TVs, internet, computers, and most other household appliances require electricity to function. If your home is not properly connected, you cannot enjoy the convenience and luxury of today’s technology.

We provide quality affordable services by certified electrical and cabling professionals only. We make sure that all of our work is up to code to keep your home safe and functional.

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Electrical Services

For electrical services, we work mainly with residential houses, add-ons such as garages and sheds, and small commercial establishments. We provide repair and installation services to all places where you may need electricity, including:

Garages & Sheds

Adding electricity to a garage or shed greatly increases their usefulness. You can turn them into the ultimate work station with table saws and charging stations. Add a TV and some couches to make it a man cave. Most importantly, you can stay there day and night!

Outside Lighting

Entertain guests in your backyard day and night. There are plenty of available outdoor lighting options to spruce up your landscaping. Let us connect your lights for you to ensure that they are not damaged by Mother Nature’s elements.

Ceiling & Attic Fans

Come summer time, you want to be sure your home is nice and cool. If your home is not set up for central cooling, ceiling and attic fans are the best alternatives. Have us wire up your ceiling and attic fans to wall switches or remotes, so that you can enjoy a cool breeze inside your home.

Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs

Looking to escape a hot summer day in your pool? Or how about warming up and relaxing in a spa or hot tub? All of these require a working electrical connection to stay clean, provide heat and pump out water.

Security Lighting

One of the easiest and effective ways to defend your home from an intruder is to set up a security lighting. Having motion sensor lighting set up can prevent would be burglars from attempting to enter your home undetected by exposing them when they are in range. These lights are relatively inexpensive and can get you the peace of mind that your family is safe.

Network & Telephone Cabling

Network and Telephone CablingIf you need to wire up your house for internet or land-line use, you need to have correct network cabling going from your local telephone pole to your home. In addition, each room should have its own jack to allow for easy setup with all of your devices.

WA Sherman Company is certified in cabling and can help install or repair any networking you need run to your home. So whether you need to hook up a CAT5, CAT6, RJ45, RJ11, or any other networking or telephone cable, have it professionally installed by our certified cabling experts!